Tender Opportunities - ProcurePublic
  • DPS Tender for Works and Services

    DPS Tender for Works and Services

    Tender for our new DPS, an open market product providing access to potential providers, under a 9-year agreement, adhering to UK Public Contract Regulations 2015.

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  • Lift Inspection Framework

    Lift Inspection Framework

    Our Lift Inspections framework will offer expert, compliant, timely inspections from appointed providers, simplifying procurement for public sector clients via our user-friendly website.

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  • Mobility Lifts Framework

    Mobility Lifts Framework

    Our platform connects public sector clients with contractors specialising in mobility solutions, ensuring PCR compliance, diverse supplier choice, and streamlined procurement processes.

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  • PPE and Workwear Framework

    PPE and Workwear Framework

    NFP's PPE and Workwear Framework, currently under tender, covers supply of PPE, uniforms, medical and first aid equipment.

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