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DPS Supporting Compliance and Maintenance

DPS Supporting Compliance and Maintenance


Our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is open to all UK Public Sector Bodies and has been procured through a fully compliant process (FTS Reference 2023/S 000-005578). It is designed to enable the quick and efficient procurement of Compliance and Maintenance Services.

A DPS is a progressive procurement tool aimed at offering a flexible and accessible method for procuring goods and services. In contrast to conventional procurement strategies, a DPS enables suppliers to join or exit the system at any stage of its lifecycle, thus promoting a competitive and dynamic marketplace that adapts to the evolving requirements of the public sector.

Our DPS welcomes participation from any UK public sector body, providing a streamlined and compliant pathway to procure an extensive array of works and services. It aims to simplify the procurement procedure, minimise timeframes, and grant access to a wide selection of qualified suppliers.

Overview of Suppliers on the DPS:

Our contractors specialise in ensuring the smooth operation, safety, and regulatory compliance of your public sector facilities. By partnering with these contractors, you gain access to professionals who can handle a wide range of services, including maintenance, repairs, inspections, compliance audits, and facility management. Their expertise ensures that your facilities are well-maintained, meet regulatory requirements, and operate efficiently.

List of Suppliers:

To view the list of appointed suppliers, please scroll down the page.

Next Steps:

To express your interest in utilising the DPS, click on “Step 1” in the section below. We will provide further details via email.

You will need to sign a Joining Agreement before you can use the DPS which can be found in Step 4, shown below.

Mini Competition Process:

ProcurePublic’s DPS competition is streamlined into a succinct two-stage procedure. Initially, suppliers from pertinent DPS categories are prompted to express their interest via a simple yes/no questionnaire, assessing their understanding and suitability for the opportunity. This step also involves confirming the accuracy of their Selection Questionnaire, submitted at the time of DPS registration. If a single supplier qualifies after filtering by category, region, and value, an automatic award might be granted under specific framework conditions.

Dependent on the level of interest, the tendering stage can be divided into two segments. Suppliers first answer selected sections of the tender for an initial evaluation, determining who progresses to the complete tender submission.


  • Contract Notice

    2023/S 000-005578

  • Start Date

  • Expiry Date


  • Framework Capacity


  • NUTS Code


  • Automatic Selection


  • Mini Competition


  • Contract Type

    JCT,Client specific,Framework Contract

  • Cost Model


  • Access Fee

    Nil Access Fee, DPS Supplier will collect 2% levy to streamline invoicing

  • Insurance Levels

    Public Liability Insurance no less than £5,000,000 for each event, events unlimited. Employer’s Liability Insurance no less than £10,000,000 for each claim for all customary risks. Professional Indemnity Insurance no less than £2,000,000 for each claim.

  • CPV Codes

    45232141 : Heating works
    45232410 : Sewerage work
    45232411 : Foul-water piping construction work
    45232421 : Sewage treatment works
    45232422 : Sludge-treatment works
    45232430 : Water-treatment work
    45232431 : Wastewater pumping station
    45232451 : Drainage and surface works
    45251200 : Heating plant construction work
    45251250 : District-heating plant construction work
    45252100 : Sewage-treatment plant construction work
    45252124 : Dredging and pumping works
    45259000 : Repair and maintenance of plant
    45260000 : Roof works and other special trade construction works
    45261410 : Roof insulation work
    45261900 : Roof repair and maintenance work
    45262100 : Scaffolding work
    45262600 : Miscellaneous special-trade construction work
    45262640 : Environmental improvement works
    45262650 : Cladding works
    45262660 : Asbestos-removal work
    45300000 : Building installation work
    45310000 : Electrical installation work
    45312000 : Alarm system and antenna installation work
    45312100 : Fire-alarm system installation work
    45313000 : Lift and escalator installation work
    45317000 : Other electrical installation work
    45320000 : Insulation work
    45331000 : Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
    45340000 : Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
    45343100 : Fireproofing work
    45350000 : Mechanical installations
    45400000 : Building completion work
    45421100 : Installation of doors and windows and related components
    45450000 : Other building completion work
    45451000 : Decoration work
    45453000 : Overhaul and refurbishment work
    50000000 : Repair and maintenance services
    50500000 : Repair and maintenance services for pumps, valves, taps and metal containers and machinery
    50531100 : Repair and maintenance services of boilers
    50531200 : Gas appliance maintenance services
    50532000 : Repair and maintenance services of electrical machinery, apparatus and associated equipment
    50700000 : Repair and maintenance services of building installations
    50720000 : Repair and maintenance services of central heating
    50800000 : Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services
    51100000 : Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment
    51510000 : Installation services of general-purpose machinery and equipment
    51511100 : Installation services of lifting equipment
    51700000 : Installation services of fire protection equipment
    71314100 : Electrical services
    71315000 : Building services
    71315100 : Building-fabric consultancy services
    71315200 : Building consultancy services
    71421000 : Landscape gardening services
    75251110 : Fire-prevention services
    79710000 : Security services
    90000000 : Sewage-, refuse-, cleaning-, and environmental services
    90400000 : Sewage services
    90460000 : Cesspool or septic tank emptying services
    90492000 : Sewage treatment consultancy services
    90500000 : Refuse and waste related services

Call-Off Process

How to use this DPS

We have implemented a straightforward four-step process for our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). You have the option to either Mini-Compete your requirement or opt for Automatic Selection (where applicable). More details can be found below. Please note that clients are free to enter into a contract for any duration that best suits the fulfilment of their requirements.

Mini competition

Our Mini-Competition process within the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offers a streamlined approach for selecting contractors based on your specific requirements. This brief outlines the functionality and criteria involved in initiating a Mini-Competition through our platform.

Process Description:

The Mini-Competition process allows you to insert your specific project requirements via a capability assessment. Our platform facilitates this process seamlessly, ensuring that you find the most suitable contractor for your project.

Defined Categories/Filters:

  • CPV Category: Classify your project based on the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) code, enabling accurate categorisation for better contractor selection.
  • Region: Specify the geographical region where the project will take place, ensuring contractors are selected based on their proximity to the project site.
  • Value Threshold: Set a value threshold to filter contractors based on the size and complexity of your project.

Invitation to DPS Partners:

Once you’re happy with the selection of suppliers, please complete a confidentiality agreement as found in Step 1 (below). This will allow us to send you more information as well as a briefing document where you can input your requirements. DPS partners from the relevant category you select will be invited to express their interest, provided they meet the specified criteria. This ensures that only capable contractors are considered for your project. The invitation process typically takes a week to allow interested parties to respond.

Capability Criteria:

A capability assessment can be used on the following criteria:

  • Project Size and Complexity: Assess the contractor’s capability to undertake projects of similar size and complexity to your proposed project.
  • Locality: Evaluate the contractor’s ability to carry out works and services in the locality of the proposed project.
  • Insurances: Verify the insurances held by the contractor to ensure compliance with project requirements.
  • Financial Stability: Evaluate the contractor’s financial stability and standing to mitigate project risks.
  • Health and Safety Record: Review the contractor’s health and safety record to prioritise safety standards.
  • Capacity: Consider the contractor’s capacity, taking into account the value of works and services already awarded to them under the DPS Agreement.

Our Mini-Competition process lets you insert your specific requirements via a capability assessment.

Following EOI completion, a tender can be issued which is typically 2-4 weeks.

Automatic Award

We understand the importance of efficiency and simplicity in procurement processes. That’s why we offer an Automatic Award feature within our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for cases where there is only a single appointee within the initial categorisation. This feature eliminates unnecessary steps and accelerates the procurement process, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

Defined Categories:

Our Automatic Award process is based on the following defined categories:

  • CPV Category: Each project is classified based on the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) code, ensuring precise categorisation for optimal contractor selection.
  • Value Threshold: Projects are categorised based on predetermined value thresholds, allowing for efficient filtering of potential appointees based on project size and complexity.
  • Region: Geographical regions are specified to ensure that appointees are ideally located to undertake the project, minimising logistical challenges and optimising project execution.

Efficient Selection Process:

When only a single appointee meets the criteria within the defined categories, our Automatic Award feature comes into play. This method allows for an automatic award of the contract, streamlining the selection process and reducing administrative burden.


  • Time-Saving: Eliminates the need for additional evaluations or competitions, saving valuable time for both buyers and suppliers.
  • Simplicity: Simplifies the procurement process by providing a straightforward path to contract award when only one suitable candidate is identified.
  • Efficiency: Ensures rapid decision-making and contract award, facilitating timely project commencement and delivery.
Call-off Forms

Call-off Procedure (E-Sign)

ProcurePublic has simplified the Call-off process to 4 steps allowing you access to our framework within minutes. The 4 steps include E-sign and details (or guidance) can be found below; alternatively, you can choose Mini-Competition.

Confidentiality Agreement

Please note that this form is designed for Public Sector clients only. If you are an interested supplier, please use our live chat button.

This form is designed to protect the commerciality of suppliers and the integrity of the framework. Clients will need to complete the fields prompted within the form, to allow password-protected access for Steps 2, 3, this will be supplied via email on completion. Once countersigned by Procure Public, a finalised pdf copy will be issued to your email address.

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