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Lift Inspection Framework

Lift Inspection Framework


Our Lift Inspections framework is currently out to tender. Our website will offer a valuable platform for public sector clients seeking Lift Inspection Service Provider appointees through ProcurePublic’s framework. When it comes to lift inspections, choosing our services provides the following benefits:

Expert Lift Inspection Services: The appointed Lift Inspection Service Providers listed on our website specialise in conducting thorough and reliable lift inspections. They possess the expertise and knowledge required to ensure the safety and compliance of lift installations within your organisation. With their extensive experience, they can identify potential hazards, assess lift performance, and provide recommendations for necessary maintenance and repairs.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Legal providers for lift inspections are well-versed in the regulatory standards and requirements applicable to lift installations in the public sector. They ensure that your lifts meet all safety and compliance regulations, providing you with peace of mind and minimising the risk of accidents or non-compliance issues. Their in-depth understanding of lift regulations enables them to conduct comprehensive inspections and ensure the safety of lift users.

Timely and Efficient Inspections: Lift Inspection Service Providers listed on our website understand the importance of timely inspections. They prioritise prompt and efficient service delivery to minimise any disruptions to your organisation’s operations. Their experienced professionals conduct inspections with precision and accuracy, providing detailed reports on lift condition, safety, and any required remedial actions.

PCR Compliant Public Sector Frameworks: We deliver numerous public sector frameworks that are PCR compliant, ensuring transparency and adherence to procurement regulations. We invite you to proceed down the page to review the appointed suppliers on our website. Utilise our user-friendly 4-step E-sign forms, which allow you to either directly select a supplier or run a mini competition. This streamlined process simplifies procurement and helps you find the most suitable Lift Inspection Service Provider for your organisation’s needs.

By utilising our website, you gain access to top-quality Lift Inspection Service Providers who specialise in ensuring the safety and compliance of your lift installations. Explore the appointed suppliers and utilise our user-friendly procurement procedures to secure reliable lift inspection services for your organisation.


  • Start Date

  • Framework Capacity


  • NUTS Code


  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition


  • Cost/Quality Split

    60% Quality/40% Cost (10% +/- allowance)

  • Contract Type

    Client specified,JCT,TPC

  • Cost Model

    Schedule of Rates

  • Access Fee


  • Insurance Levels

    Public Liability Insurance no less than £5,000,000 for each event, events unlimited. Employer’s Liability Insurance no less than £10,000,000 for each claim for all customary risks. Professional Indemnity Insurance no less than £2,000,000 for each claim.

  • CPV Codes

    71630000 : Technical inspection and testing services
    71600000 : Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
    42416000 : Lifts, skip hoists, hoists, escalators and moving walkways
    38900000 : Miscellaneous evaluation or testing instruments
    71632000 : Technical testing services
    42416100 : Lifts
    42416110 : Bath lifts
    42416120 : Goods lifts
    42416130 : Mechanical lifts
    42418220 : Chairlifts
    44115600 : Stairlifts