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Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy Framework

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy Framework
  • Contract Notice

    2020/S 162-395348

  • Award Notice

    2020/S 183-443188

  • CPV Code

    Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
    Heating-system design services

  • NUTS Code


  • Duration

    4 years - Up to £75,000,000.00

  • Expiry Date

    16th September 2024

  • Direct Selection


  • Mini Competition

    Yes - 60% Quality / 40% Cost (10% +/- allowance)

  • Contract Type

    JCT, TPC or bespoke T&C's

  • Cost Model

    Predetermined Schedule of Rates

  • Access Fee



The Mechanical & Electrical Framework covers a range of services and is accessible by other public bodies or private entities throughout the UK.

The Consultants appointed under the framework offer technical and operational contract management support in key compliance areas such as servicing, testing, maintenance and new installations. Including

  • Domestic and Commercial Heating Systems
  • Renewables
  • Water Hygiene
  • Electrical Services
  • Lifts
  • Risk Assessments
  • Training services

Environment & Sustainability Services

  • Sustainability Consultancy Services
  • Energy & Sustainability Statements
  • Low Zero Carbon Feasibility Studies
  • Daylight, Sunlight and overshadowing Analysis
  • Internal Daylight Analysis
  • Overheating Risk Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Carbon Footprinting

Energy & Compliance Services

  • Energy Consultancy Services
  • SAP Assessments
  • SBEM Calculations
  • Commercial EPC’s
  • MEES Assessments
  • Building Log Books
  • Value Engineering
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling
  • Thermal Bridging Analysis
  • U-Value Calculations
  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Part G Water Calculation
  • Energy Studies
  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC)
  • Scottish EPC’s & DEC’s
  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
  • Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)

There is the ability to request audits to be carried out as a desktop exercise in all keys areas of operation within compliance. Including

  • Servicing (Maintenance) Inspection Audits in respect to maintenance and servicing for Health & Safety compliance and to identify and reduce total cost across the contractor supply chain (previously listed contractors)
  • Pre & Post-Repair Inspections
  • Work in Progress Inspections with contractors engineers to appraise workmanship standards
  • Domestic audits and reports (10% of annual requirement) 10% of a portfolio
  • Commercial site audits and reports (20% of annual requirement) 20% of a portfolio
  • Post repairs inspections 10%
  • Auditing of new installations 20%
  • Auditing of new technologies 10%
Next Steps

How to use this Framework?

Our simple step process allows for both Direct Selection or Mini-Competition. Further information can be found below. Please note that Clients may enter into a contract for any duration that best allows for the performance of the requirement to be achieved.

  • Direct selection

    With the direct selection method, you may select the Contractor who is ranked number 1, or any other Contractor/ Consultant on the following basis:

    • Where you have an existing relationship with the Contractor/ Consultant.
    • Where the Call Off has substantial similarities to a previous project the Contractor/ Consultant was involved with. (under this Framework Agreement or not)
    • For reasons of urgency, it is not reasonably practicable to award the Call-Off Contract by way of a Mini-Competition.
    • Capability Criteria determining that only one framework appointee is capable of carrying out the Call-Off Contract.
    • Where the Client is able to determine which Contractor/Consultant will provide it with the most economically advantageous offer.
    • Where the Contractor/Consultant has introduced the site.

    To proceed with a Direct Selection please click on the tab below

  • Mini competition

    Our Mini-Competition process lets you expand beyond the framework’s original specification to meet your specific requirements. The framework partners from the relevant lot are invited to tender (where capable). This process typically takes 2-4 weeks. The capability criteria can be defined by the following:

    • The Contractor’s capability to carry out a project of the size and complexity of the proposed project;’
    • The Contractor’s capability to carry out works and services in the locality of the proposed project;
    • The Contractor’s capability to carry out projects involving the type of construction that the proposed project involves
    • The Contractor’s financial stability and standing;
    • The insurances held by the Contractor;
    • The Contractor’s health and safety record;The Contractor’s capacity, taking into account the value of Works and Services already awarded to it under the Framework Agreement;
    • The volume of work (as a percentage of its total turnover) that the Contractor is currently carrying out for the Authorised User in question;
    • The Contractor’s performance against KPIs on current or previous Call Off Contracts awarded to it under the Framework Agreement;
    • The Contractor’s willingness to work at risk on the project (as may be evidenced by examples of previous occasions where it has done so);

To proceed with a Mini Competition please click on the Mini Competition Tab below,

Call-off Forms (E-Sign)

ProcurePublic has simplified the call-off process to 4 steps allowing you access to our framework within minutes. The 4 steps include E-sign and details (or guidance) can be found below; alternatively, you can choose mini-competition.

Confidentiality Agreement

Please note that this form is designed for Public Sector clients only. If you are an interested supplier, please use our live chat button.

This form is designed to protect the commerciality of suppliers and the integrity of the framework. Clients will need to complete the fields prompted within the form, to allow password protected access for Steps 2, 3 -this will be supplied via email on completion. Once countersigned by Procure Public, a finalised pdf copy will be issued to your email address.

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