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777 Demolition & Haulage Co. Ltd

777 Demolition & Haulage Co. Ltd

777 Group is a complete service organisation which, since being formed in 1964 has grown steadily
in to an industry leader within the Demolition, Asbestos Removal and Recycling Sectors.
With a strong presence in the industry for over 50 years comes with a reputation for delivering
quality, professionalism and value on every project. 777 Groups industry experts are able to assist
clients from early stage planning though to project completion.
As the Demolition industry has changed over the last few decades 777 demolition has been at the
forefront driving these changes. Every one of our projects is planned with careful consideration to
both the immediate environment, where we make great efforts to minimise disruption to nearby
businesses and neighbourhoods, and the environment in general.
We are genuinely proud of the fact that 98% of the materials removed from all of our sites are either
re-used or recycled diverting it from landfill.

777 People
The people at 777 Group boast a wealth of industry knowledge within the business. The average
years of experience within the company is over 20 years and that is driven from the Managing
Director, Michael J Pearce with over 50 year experience.
Michael J Pearce, the business he founded was built on a philosophy of openness. He believed that if
you are straightforward and open in your dealings with people and if you deliver a good service for
your client they will always return. Michael also developed this philosophy with all of his employees
and since doing so has built up a highly valued, loyal and well trusted workforce.
More than fifty years on that philosophy continues to underpin the way the business operates today.
As the Company has steadily evolved over the past four decades, our driver has always been to
understand the aims and objectives of our clients and other stakeholders, then organise ourselves to
become valued members of project teams.

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