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Welcome to AGS One Pest Control – the UK’s only truly 24/7 pest control service. We work and succeed in the most challenging and complex pest control environments, using innovative approaches and techniques that protect our clients, their staff and their customers.

No other pest control company in the UK can claim to operate such an extensive and continuous service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our teams of trained and qualified technicians work around the clock across the UK’s capital, delivering tailored pest control strategies that protect the reputation of our many customers.

AGS One Pest Control also works in some of the UK’s most demanding environments, such as the London Tube, where its 270 stations and 402 kilometers of track present many opportunities for pests to thrive if left unchecked.

We achieve our excellent pest control results by combining in-depth understanding of the pests we aim to control with a determination to see the job through to achieve the best possible results.

We define this as our PRIME approach to pest control:

We will fully investigate and understand your pest control problem and devise the appropriate and cost-effective strategy. We work in partnership to maximise value for our customers.

Pest control surveys
Industrial pest control
Office pest control
Bird control surveys
Hospitality and retail
Bespoke procedures

Our genuine 24/7 service and comprehensive coverage allows us to respond rapidly to pest control emergencies. We carry out responsible, sustainable and confidential pest removal and eradication.

Rodent baiting and trapping
Vegetation and carcass removal
Wasp nest removal
Insects, fleas and mites
Environmental cleaning

We aim to deliver long-term protection against pests. Our monitoring service uses the latest data capture techniques to fully understand and counter pest behaviour in specific environments.

Planned and reactive site inspection
Pest behaviour tracking
CCTV camera technology
Motion sensor remote cameras
Infra-red surveys


Anti-graffiti Systems Limited
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