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Balancing beauty and buildability, quality and commerciality, the human scale and the built form to deliver success, ColladoCollins are experts at understanding all the requirements of a project and defining and managing the process that optimises the potential of every site. In a demanding industry characterised by scarcity of land, energy, budget, materials, and quality we help our clients navigate the nuances of the design, construction, and operation of a building, and the process of securing consent and complying with the regulatory frameworks.

Our clients approach us with a brief that can be as simple as a single question, or as complex as a fully developed set of requirements based on their experience and expectations. Our role is to define and manage a process that delivers on that brief, leading the wider design team and enabling every specialist discipline to contribute effectively to achieve the desired outcome. We are proud to be instrumental in the creation of buildings that can be occupied and operated as great places to live or work.

The key element is balance; between the requirements of regulation, building performance, budget, time, buildability, and aesthetics. We understand our clients have their own balances to manage and work to support them by providing what they need, when they need it, to the highest standard. Underpinned by our in-depth understanding of the operational requirements of a building, the need to keep it safe and secure, manageable, easy to inhabit and maintain, and ultimately great to use, our designs combine our years of experience as architects with a keen sense of the commercial realities of development process.

We offer design services from initial feasibility reviews through to fully detailed planning applications and construction information. Our design approach treats every site on its own merits, and every design solution we propose is tailored to the opportunities and constraints presented by the site to optimise its potential. Our cost-conscious approach is key to bringing forward beautiful buildings that are capable of being realised.

With experience achieving high quality planning consents in London as well as locations across the south of England our collaborative and discursive approach to the planning process brings clients and stakeholders on the journey to securing positive and viable consented schemes. We have developed strong relationships with the Greater London Authority through and many other local authorities through our work, and always seek to build support and consensus through the pre-application and consultation process.

Our design expertise extends to our technical ability to deliver on the promises we make through earlier project stages. Our skilled delivery teams are integrated into the design process from the earliest stages to ensure that schemes which are consented are capable of being constructed without the need to revisit the fundamentals to achieve compliance with the regulatory requirements. We will also consider delivering schemes for developers and contractors which have achieved consent with other architects where we see the quality of the base design, if executed well, will result in beautiful buildings.


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