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Correct Contract Services Limited

Correct Contract Services Limited

Correct Contract Services Limited was formed in 2007 to service the needs of mainly  social housing customers to offer boiler installation services at a more competitive rate whilst providing a quality focussed service to the market.

Since then, we have grown and developed our services to provide a much broader offering to the market. We now specialise in all areas of compliance, Gas, Renewable Energy and Electrical installation and maintenance, our focus is delivery of a customer focussed and innovative value for money service in partnership with our clients.

We now offer services solely to the social housing market, we specialise in ensuring your needs are met by providing an end-to-end service, design, installation, warranty assistance and maintenance once complete. Our business strives and continues to grow through the quality of our products, integrity and service. Our team is growing and becoming more diverse year on year, allowing us to offer a wider range of
services to our clients.

We have invested heavily in IT technology to ensure our service is seamless across three main operational bases in Andover, Yeovil and Reading. This investment includes a bespoke management system so we can effectively manage your contract from inception through to completion, making it much easier for our staff to process any job or project. This system allows enhanced interaction with our clients
and end users, along with a direct REAL time link to our engineers on site through hand held devices, making it much easier to identify an engineer’s progress and update our customers.

CCS is still an independently owned company with its original founders working within the business. Due to this structure our clients’ needs and the service we provide has remained the primary focus of our business with the satisfaction of our customers at its heart.

CCS employs over 70 staff directly we have a 24/7/365 contact centre with technical assistance, an OOH emergency service for our customers, our engineers are widely dispersed across the entire south of England allowing for a very responsive and robust service to all types of clients and contracts.