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F.w. Thorpe Public Limited Company

Established in 1936, Thorlux Lighting is recognised globally as a leader in lighting and control systems for industrial, commercial, and professional applications.
Headquartered in Redditch, Worcestershire, central UK, its modern 16,882 m³ factory is just a few miles from the Birmingham site where Frederick William Thorpe first manufactured Thorlux luminaires. To this day, Thorlux products are wholly UK designed and built.
Thorlux provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for educational, architectural, commercial, floodlighting, industrial, hazardous area, and tunnel applications.
Thorlux is a part of the FW Thorpe Plc group of companies, and the Thorpe family is still involved in the company their forebearer began. Thorlux Lighting is Innovating sustainable lighting solutions for a brighter future.


F.w. Thorpe Public Limited Company
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    Merse Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9HH
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    27400, 27400, 27900, 27900
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    45210000 : Building construction work
    45310000 : Electrical installation work
    45317000 : Other electrical installation work
    79311000 : Survey services
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    UK - National
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    £100k - £250k
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