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Wimshurst Pelleriti Limited

WP is a contemporary architecture practice based in South-West London that operates both as a design studio and contractor as well as a developer. We bring a unique design pedigree with experience of both large commercial projects and multi-unit residential projects as well as smaller domestic renovations that are linked by a common thread – a design orientated approach, focussed on delivering sustainable development, coupled with a deep and practical understanding of the construction process.

Architects are often criticised for not understanding the cost implications of their designs but as a contractor and developer ourselves, with an in-house cost consultant, we can truly say that we understand all aspects of the construction process and the viability impact of our designs. We know for example the wrestle that exists between the desire to be sustainable and the requirement to make a development viable. The former often comes at a considerable cost which makes it hard to justify economically and we are currently on this journey ourselves. Ultimately we believe sustainable developments are worth more and will command a premium but we are living and breathing this before we expect our clients to do so.


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